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toriMy experience here has been very rewarding. I met many types of kids and people who made me very happy and helped me realize what I want to do in terms of my career. The kids here are often misunderstood and I had learned how to communicate differently with each kid. Many of these kids just need someone to lean on and someone who gives them positive feedback. Many of these kids are so used to being put down for making mistakes and sometimes they just need someone to be there and tell them its okay.


I also learned that you always need to stay true to yourself. Many times you just have to be straight forward with these kids and not be afraid to open up. By doing so, I have built great relationships and communicate with great friends. One time, I read my youth’s journal and he wrote about how thankful he was to have me as a mentor and friend because he finally has a friend to talk to.


Many of us do not realize how lucky and fortunate we are. People should volunteer and give back because it only takes is one person to change a youth’s life.