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In working to accomplish our mission, Focus Forward gets to be a part of transformations in the lives of individuals and the community.

We take serious the task of assessing our role and responsibilities in poitive change for clients and Fresno County. In order to make long-term, sustainable, and measureable contributions to the community, we collect process data for quality assurance purposes as well as outcomes data on the ways that youth and families directly benefit in their lives from our programming. Below we feature examples of our assessment findings. Importantly, we engage in assessment in order to inform strategic actions for long-term transformations.

Bright Futures


We know the following about the outcomes for participants of the BF program:

  • Risk in the area of Parent-Child Family Roles was reduced for 80% of youth clients.
  • 85.7% improved their total score in the area of Parent-Child Family Roles.



We know the following about the outcomes for participants of PREP during the first year of the program:

  • The recidivism rate for youth clients is 9.9% and can be compared to the Fresno County juvenile recidivism rate of 33%.
  • On average every month, each youth client participated in 8-hours of activities.
  • Also, each household client participated in 4-hours of activities.

We also value qualitative data in the form of pictures, anecdotes, short stories, and notes. This experiential data brings to life the quantitative data that is important to measuring program effectiveness.