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What is PREP?

On July 1, 2016, the Planned Re-Entry Program (PREP) launched as a collaborative service model between the Fresno County Probation Department (Probation) and Focus Forward. Youth in custody at the Fresno County Juvenile Justice Campus (JJC) are identified for having high risk scores for recidivism and their households join PREP along with the youth. Focus Forward’s PREP staff team partners with Probation and community organizations to ensure the effective delivery of services inside the JJC, in homes, and at the Focus Forward Community Center. The youth and household clients engage in program activities during the in-custody phase as well as in the community for several months following release.

Check-out these documents

PREP Year-1 Program Evaluation Report

Appendix to the Report

Infographics make the PREP Year-1 Evaluation Results visual

How effective is PREP?

In Year-1, we served:

  • 72 youth clients were served
  • 25/72 youth clients graduated from PREP
  • 7/72 youth clients recidivated
  • 85 household clients were serve

Program Outcomes:

  • The PREP recidivism rate is 9.9% and can be compared to the Fresno County juvenile recidivism rate of 33%.
  • Youth Engagement: On average every month, each youth client participated in 8-hours of activities.
  • Household Engagement: Also, each household client participated in 4-hours of activities.

Operational Outputs:

  • While youth clients each participated in 8-hours of activities, each month staff served each youth client with 12-hours of case management activities.
  • Also, staff served each household client with 7-hours of case management activities.
  • Importantly, staff drove across 29 zip codes in Fresno County to provide services in homes and neighborhoods, ensuring consistent access to programming.