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Focus Forward promotes programs and services that are based on research, evidence, and best or promising practice.


Research Based mentoring and case management services for youth and young adults involved in the justice and foster-care system. We begin working with youth during incarceration and continue to provide mentoring and support after youth are re-entered back into the community.


Bright Futures

Pregnant and Parenting Services

Evidence Based Nurturing Parenting classes offered one-on-one and through group sessions for incarcerated teen parents and/or teen parents recently released from incarceration.  Parenting education will also expand in 2016 to the parents of the youth we serve as well as parents involved in the child welfare system.  The Just Beginnings ‘Baby Elmo’ program is also provided to incarcerated teen parents and their children and includes structured visitation to maintain and increase the parent-child bond during incarceration.


Youth Success

Education and Employment Services

Focused on reducing recidivism, poverty, crime, homelessness and school drop out rates, this program is committed to working with youth and young adults on their education and employment goals.


Planned Re-Entry Program

Focused on reducing recidivism, this program provides innovative in-custody programming for youth leaders transitioning from the Juvenile Justice Campus back to the community, as well as their families.  This program also continues to support the youth and family after the youth re-enters back to the community.



To reduce stigma of youth involved in the juvenile justice and child welfare systems, we organize youth and young adult voices (that are often unheard) as well as providing education and awareness on the various issues impacting our youth and their families.


Arts and Culture

Providing art and culture workshops to youth on various mediums including: art, poetry, creative writing and various workshops that support self-discovery and cultural exploration.

Supportive Services/Referrals

We provide support with various needs including, but not limited to: clothing, food, assistance with transportation, tutoring, emergency housing and also work with many agencies in the Central Valley to leverage resources and refer our young people to supplemental programs and services–eligibility requirements may apply, but even if we don’t offer a needed service, we’ll get you connected with a trusted partner who does!