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Supporting teen parents and their children in Fresno County

The Focus Forward Bright Futures program is funded by First 5 Fresno County. The goal of the program is to strengthen families by providing parenting education to youth who are in the Juvenile Justice System and are pregnant or have children ages 0 – 5.


There are three components to Bright Futures…

Bonding During Incarceration

Bright Futures includes a parenting program in which the children of the incarcerated youth are brought into the Juvenile Justice Campus (JJC) to bond with the parent in a visiting area that is furnished with toys and videos. These sessions are known as “The Baby Elmo Parenting Project,” a research program from Georgetown University. A trained facilitator ensures the bonding sessions are fruitful for the teen parent, child, and the researchers.


Parenting Education

Bright Futures also includes parenting classes available to youth whose children are unable to visit the JJC. The curriculum is known as “Nurturing Skills for Teen Parents” which can be delivered to the youth one-on-one to strengthen their parenting skills.


Case Management

Bright Futures also prioritizes case management services made available to teen parents who are incarcerated. These include services such as access to job training, educational assistance, and referrals to community agencies which are provided based on the assessed needs of the family.


Stronger families result in a better future for the children. Ultimately, the services provided in this program interrupt the pattern of generational involvement in the county systems.