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Supporting teen and adult parents and their children who are touched by the Justice and/or Child Welfare systems.

The Focus Forward Bright Futures program is funded by First 5 Fresno County and the Fresno County Department of Social Services.




There are three components to Bright Futures…

Baby Bonding During Incarceration

Bright Futures includes a baby-bonding program for moms and dads, called The Just Beginnings, “Baby Elmo” program.  Through this program, children of incarcerated teens are brought into the Juvenile Justice Campus (JJC) to bond with their parent in a baby-friendly environment, furnished with toys, rocking chairs and books. Just Beginnings is a research-based program from Georgetown University and overseen by the Youth Law Center. This program has been found to improve the bond between the parent and child, improve the behavior of the incarcerated teen and encourage a successful reentry to the community.


Parenting Education

Evidence-based parenting education is provided to justice-involved youth (both in and out of custody), foster youth who are teen parents, incarcerated teens and their parents, as well as parents working to reunify with their teenage children.  Focus Forward staff utilize multiple curricula of the Nurturing Parenting Programs which are delivered to the parents one-on-one or in a group setting.


Parent Support

Parents enrolled in the Bright Futures program are provided with case management services, mentoring and general assistance with tangible resources and referrals to community agencies which are provided based on the assessed needs of the family.


Stronger families result in a better future for the children. Ultimately, the services provided in this program interrupt the pattern of generational involvement in the county systems.