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Providing mentoring and case management to youth in Fresno County systems

Focus Forward prioritizes ongoing support of youth & young adults who have experience with the justice and child welfare systems.

The Mentoring Program is a collaborative venture among California State University, Fresno, Fresno County Probation Department, and the community benefit organizations. Mentors work with the youth incarcerated at the Fresno County Juvenile Justice Campus. Mentors come from a range of life experiences as professional tradespersons, retired persons, and undergraduate and graduate students. The mentors are assigned youth, assess needs, and co-create a case plan to support youth during the in-custody period and when youth transition back to the community.

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The mentors approach the youth in a non-judgmental and caring manner, meeting our youth where they are in life and helping them grow. It is an amazing learning experience for both the mentors and the youth. The youth are given the opportunity to express themselves freely and the mentors are a welcomed “listening ear.” The mentors model positive behavior and support the youth in developing goals for success. The mentors also lead groups on such topics as gang intervention, anger management, and gender specific issues. One of the mentors started a meditation class which has become a very effective behavior management tool for the institution and is in high demand. New topic groups are introduced as needs arise.


At any given time we have 35-40 mentors (this photo does not include all of our mentors), case managers, and operations-based volunteers. Check-out the way you can Get Involved.