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I had a unbelievable first year experience at Focus Forward and their staff. This is a great learning facility and possible future place of employment. More of our students need to be placed there as it gives direct experience in applying theory and interventions to clients. Absolutely priceless.   

-Intern from Fresno State Department of Social Work Education Master’s Program


Many of our volunteers serve as mentors to incarcerated youth during their incarceration and transition back to the community. With your support and community connections, they can navigate barriers and difficulties. Check-out the latest research on the impact that mentoring makes. Below are the minimum requirements for our volunteer mentors. 

Minimum Requirements
1. 21-years and older
2. Pass background check and clear a TB skin test
3. Commit to a 1-year service contract
4. Mentors meet face-to-face with mentees every week
5. Adhere to all policies and training requirements
6. Participate in weekly group meetings

Volunteer Coordinator (559) 600-4972 or volunteer@focusforward.org

Next Steps
At the bottom of this page, you will find a flow chart for applying and joining our team. Also check out the interview questions.

Current Opportunities for Specializations 

Behind the scenes roles

  1. Engage in operational activities behind the scenes or in the community.
  2. Choose from one area (e.g. fundraising, marketing/PR, special events, web site maintenance, and office support).


  1. Provide one on one mentoring to youth in Focus Forward programs.
  2. Provide an array of case management services such as assessments, completing case notes and screenings, referrals, goal setting and educational support for the youth.
  3. Connect individual youth to community resources and assist youth in achieving goals in education, employment, relationships, recreation and well-being.
  4. Provide post release support to youth and meet with them in the community.


  1. Instruct or present workshops to a group of youth on a variety of topics such as art, creative writing, music, yoga, mediation, etc.
  2. Help youth learn different forms of expression.
  3. Provide opportunities for youth to gain self efficacy.

“What do I gain from volunteering with Focus Forward?”

In addition to the altruistic aspect of volunteering, volunteers gain from their time with Focus Forward:

  • Experience providing individual case management, including data entry and case planning.
  • Direct experience providing interventions to youth, young adults and their families.
  • Build a professional portfolio including training certifications in Mandated Reporting and Thinking for a Change, a CBT intervention used in all correctional facilities.
  • Develop a supervisory-coaching relationship to grow your leadership abilities.
  • Contribute to and learn from the rich diversity of culture, age, gender, knowledge, and life experience.
  • Contribute to building a stronger community.


“After I apply, what happens next?”

Review this flow chart to understand the steps involved with applying and joining our team.