Summer Poetry and Painting Workshop

There is no better way to get to know yourself and your capabilities than creating!

Join Lorena Orozco and Melissa Noriego for a life changing Summer Workshop:

Introduction to Poetry with a Focus on Free Verse and Free Writing & Expressive Painting and Drawing

Offered to all Focus Forward clients

A poem by Lorena Orozco

i hear the bells ringing

of my demise, ringing with my

doom -

  • and instead of alerting the guards i

let them ring and ring and

r i n g - -

i watch from above the town, above my


the colors and the

light leaving my eyes

i hear their subtle yet pounding march,

their unstoppable steps of lead and my

inevitable end.

i make music out of it,

singing gently,

singing softly as they come -

  • my voice the bell

ringing inside their minds as they steal

mine -